"We Give You The Style, You Do The Shining"

Bachatwins was founded in 2016. They initially started this brand as creative outlet, where they put together all their artistic ideas to bring something unique. Over time, their brand has developed and has become an icon in the Latin Dance Community.

They are professional dancers and well known for their unique style in footwork, body movement turn patterns & musicality. Teaching, Coaching and helping others has been their biggest purpose. Over the years Bachatwins have created thousands of videos leaving people inspired and amazed by their creativity through dance projects.

Bachatwins strive to create beautiful content for their students and those inspired to grow as dancers. Their content has allowed them to grow their fan base & build engagment with people who are intrested in taking their dancing to the next level.

They are now offering Bachata Classes in NYC for all levels. You will learn the 5 elements of Bachata with Bachatwins.




Tara has been dancing since she was 12 years old. She has studied most dance styles including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance. She also competed in International Latin Ballroom for 5 years. Tara also holds a Masters in Early Childhood Education and an Advanced Certificate in English as a Second Language. She has taught dance and ENL to young children in the NYC school system since 2010. She also teaches Pure Barre in Manhasset to adults of all ages. Tara started dancing bachata in 2021 and fell in love with it. She started teaching with the twins in 2023 and is very grateful for the opportunity to instill her love for dance in all her students. She hopes her students will have fun, build confidence, and make connections throughout their bachata journey.



Dani's journey as an educator began in the realm of mathematics, where he honed his teaching skills instructing students in Middle School, algebra 1 and math 101. Transitioning from the classroom, Dani found his passion for physical education and adventure, becoming a Rock Climbing instructor at Brooklyn Boulders. Here, he shared his expertise with both kids and adults, guiding them through the intricacies of scaling heights and conquering challenges. Concurrently, Dani delved deeper into his love for dance, dedicating himself to its mastery while simultaneously harnessing his talents in videography and editing to create captivating content. With a profound understanding of business marketing and advertising, Dani played a pivotal role in branding Bachatwins alongside his brother Ramy. Yet, beyond business success, Dani's true purpose lies in coaching and teaching, driven by a desire to bring value to others. He finds fulfillment in nurturing relationships, fostering social awareness, and cultivating communities where individuals can discover themselves through dance and shared experiences.



Ramy emerges as a true creative luminary, his journey a testament to unwavering passion and dedication. Rooted in his early years of avid baseball playing, Ramy's innate athleticism laid the groundwork for his prowess in movement, both on the sports field and the dance floor. While his natural talent was undeniable, Ramy's relentless work ethic propelled him to greater heights, refining his skills in dance and sports alike. His meteoric rise to prominence was marked by the viral success of his YouTube sensation, "Bachata Dance 2019," amassing over 4 million views and catapulting him into the spotlight. As the choreographer of Bachatwins, Ramy has crafted thousands of mesmerizing choreographies, captivating audiences worldwide with his creative vision. Fuelled by a lifelong passion for music, Ramy's evolution as DJ R saw him honing his craft over five years, gracing stages across New York City's vibrant dance scene and beyond. Through astute monetization of his talents, Ramy has elevated his passion to unprecedented heights, while his current endeavors as a songwriter, producer, and mastering engineer mark the next chapter in his artistic journey, promising boundless creativity and innovation yet to unfold.


Bachatwins, renowned Bachata instructors, are the epitome of excellence in their craft, propelling their students to unparalleled heights in the world of dance. With an extensive repertoire of over thousands of private classes under their belt, their expertise is unmatched. Boasting a decade-long journey in dance, Bachatwins have become synonymous with innovation and creativity within the New York Latin dance scene.

Their multifaceted talents extend beyond teaching, delving into video production, editing, DJing, and music composition, leaving an indelible mark on every aspect of the industry. Throughout their years of dedication, Bachatwins have mastered an array of Bachata styles, including Urban, Sensual, and Traditional, showcasing their versatility and proficiency. Renowned for their intricate turn patterns and flawless footwork, they inspire and empower dancers worldwide to reach new heights of skill and expression.

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